Saturday, December 18, 2010

Uncanny X-Force #3 review(s)!

Hey everyone - computer troubles have kept me away for a week, but I've managed to read #3 (several times), and I think it really upholds the high standards the previous two issues set for it! 

The Final Horsemen (and their powers) are fleshed out well by Remender and Opena, and each of the characters have distinct personalities that are sure to be developed even more in the future. The single-page origins of each character are invaluable, and artistically detailed, helping to make these Horsemen into viable, interesting characters, as opposed to generic archtypes.

And what an impact these characters have on X-Force! The battle is initially one-sided, in favour of Apocalypse's followers, but thanks to some mental intervention by Psylocke, and some illusion-casting by Fantomex, X-Force are slowly evening the odds. The next issue, the final one in the current storyline, should lead to a very exciting and unpredicatable ending.

The issue winds up with Psylocke ready to finish the child Apocalypse. In all my years of comics, I have never found Betsy to be an interesting character, but she certainly stole a lot of limelight this issue. Her psychic searches of the Horsemen, her dampening of Fantomex's pain, and the intensity of the last panel all contribute to my growing interest in the character. This wouldn't be possible without the interesting writing of Rick Remender and the detailed, engaging artwork of Jerome Opena. Well done to all!


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